2 Horror Stories…2 Quick Fixes

2 quick fixes to keep these true horror stories from happening to you…

1.      Buy your URL Name!

http://daletenhulzen.com/  (if the site isn’t still up let me know. I took a screenshot)

Our team came across this advisor’s website this morning when we googled his name…

Could you imagine this happening to you!? (true or not true…)

Doesn’t take much more than a ticked off competitor or client in the advisor’s area and a savvy website guy to make something like this in a few hours.

The advisor could remove this for slander, but the damage would already be done after this sits up on top of google for a month or two. Not to mention a local news source to get a hold of it.

It costs $10 – $50 and 5 minutes to secure your name (and other forms of it) for a long time.

Do it. Now.


My brother in law is a band teacher and ran a high school band website the families would visit often for practice dates and times. He let it expire and it was bought by a German porn site within a few days (I can’t make this up).

It’s been months, and they might be able to get it back, but it’s taking a lot of time and $$ to buy it back.

How would you like to field those parent phone calls!? Or if it happened to you…

Check your URL renewal status.

Do it. Now.

Of course these are NOT normal horror stories, and it’s a slim chance this will happen to you, but might as well take the 10 minutes and buy your URL name if you can and don’t let it or your business website expire!

Even if you don’t do anything with it, if your name is available, buy it!

I’ve owned www.coryswain.com for years and it’s been saying “Coming soon” since the day I bought it.