What is your E-mail List worth (This one is $75M)

We interrupt our Quick Hits for this announcement…


A lot of advisors up until COVID didn’t think their list was that important.

Now they know it’s important, but they still don’t quite know what to do with it.

Here is a strong example of why YOU should be thinking about utilizing email marketing more.

Morning Brew is a daily E-MAIL newsletter.

They will bring in $20 Million in revenue this year. (yes…they just send emails)

They sold a controlling stake (of their daily email business) for $75 Million yesterday.

What I learned from this:

YOUR email list is worth a lot more money than you and I realize. 

You aren’t in the business of selling your email list,

BUT this shows you how much BIG businesses understand how important email marketing really is.

So how do you use this valuable asset more efficiently?

  1. Provide value to what your audience actually cares about and will use
  2. It must be relevant to what is happening RIGHT NOW
  3. Show that your weekly or monthly newsletter is not entirely automated (automation is ok…But add your personal and relevant value on top)
  4. Be the Trusted Advisor as Anthony Iannorino says
  • “What are all the forces weighing down on your dream client and causing them to produce results that are less than they should be? How should they be thinking about these forces, and what should they do about them?”
  • “If on the other hand, you start the conversation with strategically important issues, you demonstrate that you know something worth knowing, something that can benefit your dream client.”

Hop on my calendar sometime in the next week and I’ll be happy to talk through other ways to make your e-mail marketing more valuable.  

Here is the article on The Morning Brew Sale:

“Morning Brew found success by building strong relationships in one of the most underappreciated places: the email inbox.”