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In the information age, it’s tough to decipher what is worth your time to read and what isn’t. My goal with these quick hits is to do some of that work for you so you can use these articles, charts, and business building strategies to help your clients and get on with your day.

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Keep on grinding!

America’s Economy just had it’s worst quarter on record

o   If you have prospects telling you “I’m waiting for the markets to stabilize” – big signs like these show that it most likely won’t be any time soon.

o   The economy is beyond their control. Getting a sound financial strategy is built for ANY economy is 100% WITHIN THEIR CONTROL!

How to build a sales email campaign

o   Not sure what to do once you get an online lead?

o   This article breaks it down in simple terms on what to do in the first few days after you receive someone’s email.

Look to History for lessons in Crisis Leadership

o   No one has run a business in this type of environment EVER

o   The closest relatable person who has gone through it is our past leaders at war. Great article to steal a few leadership traits from.

7 Items your Estate Plan May Have Left Out

o   Solid article to share with clients after a 1st meeting.

o   #1 on the list – A Financial Overview 😉

3 Types of Retirement and their very different savings Strategies – Kitces

o   “Prospective retirees looking forward to retirement often find it boring once they arrive!”

o   “The problem is that human beings are remarkably adaptable to their circumstances, and our happiness tends to revert to a relatively stable level, even after major changes and life events. The phenomenon, known as “hedonic adaptation”, means that while we’re working, a life of leisure sounds great… but once we actually retire into that life of leisure, it often becomes boring and routine and no longer as enjoyable. In other words, we may continue walking towards a goal that we perceive will bring us happiness, but like being on a (hedonic) treadmill, no matter how long we walk, we never actually make much progress forward.”

S&P 500 Net Profit Margins

o   The estimated net profit margin for the S&P 500 for the first quarter is 7.1% — the lowest net profit margin reported by the index since Q4 2009 and well below the 5-year average of 10.6%, according to FactSet.

Are Republicans or Democrats better for the stock market?