Quick Hits: The One Thing | Destroying Wealth | Wall Street Doesn’t Know Retirement!

As an independent advisor there is one thing that solves all the other problems in your business…

Here are your Quick Hits:

EARNING A CRUST – Uncrustables to be a Billion Dollar Business

  • As an uncrustable lover myself, this story is incredible!
  • Fun Fact: I ate 15 uncrustables in a 24 hour period once…Pretty proud of that.
    • That’s 3,000 calories in pb&Js if you were wondering.

15 Stocks That Have Destroyed the Most Wealth Over the Past Decade

  • “As a group, the wealth destroyers wiped out an estimated $281.2 billion in shareholder wealth over the past 10 years.”

Wall Street Just Doesn’t Get Retirement

  • What a great article to share!!
  • “People have no idea how much money they need to retire. Their estimate of the costs of retirement increased 50% in the last four years, even though life expectancy barely changed.”
  • “At the same time, Americans are now living longer, and there is no political appetite to encourage people to retire later. That means the number of years Americans are spending in retirement will increase, so they will need more income.”