Quick Hits: Recover Fast | Middle Class | The Food Court is Back

How do you grow fast as a Financial Advisor? Well, you need to recover fast.

How do you recover fast?

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Steve Jobs’ former intern reflects on working for the tech mogul: “I worked 20 yards away from him every day.”

  • “Steve was this iconic individual and I didn’t know him.. I was the guy that got coffee for the guy that made the coffee.”

  • “I was like ‘this is who I want to go and work for’ and it was very clear to me that I wanted to come and hang out and work with Steve Jobs.”

The Salary you need to be considered middle class in every U.S. state – it’s close to $200,000 in 2 of them.

  • For many people, being “middle class” goes beyond a certain income level, says Brad Klontz, a certified financial planner and expert in financial psychology and behavioral finance.
  • “Our financial wellbeing is not an objective number,” he says. “It’s subjective and based on who we are comparing ourselves to.”

  • That’s why you may not feel “middle class” even if your income falls within a certain range. Especially if you’re comparing yourself to people on social media who may portray a wealthy lifestyle.

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The Food Court is Back

  • After a long day at the mall, the aroma of a buttery pretzel has always been hard to resist.
  • Restaurants are taking up more retail space.
  • This is great news for fixtures like Cinnabon and bubble tea shops.

Speaking of malls, check out the first look of AE’s vision for the future of West Ridge Mall in Topeka!