Quick Hits: Sales Process Theme | Price of Happiness | Overrated Finance

Here are your Quick Hits:

The Price of Happiness in Every Country:

  • I thought this piece was super enlightening!
  • Not sure if you really can put a price on happiness as most of us know that “mo money, mo problems!”
  • This at least gives a good attempt to see how people few happiness and what it would cost to get it.

3 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Investment Portfolio in 2024

  • Good piece to send to prospects this week in your list drips.
  • “The first mistake is failing to rebalance. Investors should really take a look at their current portfolio’s asset allocation relative to whatever their target is for that asset allocation.”
  • “The final mistake is mismanaging income-producing securities like lower-quality bonds.”

The Big Retirement Question Many Advisors Overlook

  • Love this question!! – definitely one I would add to every first meeting.
  • “What does your retiring client want to do with the time once spent at work, and how will they pay for those activities?”
  • “Advisors owe it to their clients to help them create a real lifestyle — complete with time and funds to explore these passions and pastimes — and to ensure that loved ones can be part of this plan,”

The Most Overrated Things in Personal Finance

  • I got a lot of great value from this piece.
  • “Unfortunately, while many of these ideas are great in theory, they tend to not measure up in practice. These are what I refer to as the most overrated things in personal finance.”
  • Favorite part of this was the last part titled “What’s Not Overrated.” Check it out.