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With inflation being at the top of the headlines, all eyes have been on the Fed Reserve to see if they will raise rates… and they decided (once again) to hold rates. BUT they “penciled in a rate hike in 2023.” I don’t think I’ll hold my breath.

I’m not saying they have an easy job BUT… wouldn’t it be nice to be able to push big decisions to 2 years from now and everyone just says “ok, sounds good.”


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Surge of retirements during the pandemic is throwing a wrench in economic recovery plans

  • “This is an extraordinarily unusual time, and we really don’t have a template of any experiences of a situation like this,” said Fed Chairman Jerome Powell
  • “I expect to see an increase of supply over the coming months. I can’t give you an exact time”

FORTUNE: Good news, homebuilders and DIYers: Lumber enters a bear market with prices down 20% from their peak

  • “As the cash price of lumber (what sawmills charge distributors and wholesalers) continues its slide, it should, industry insiders tell Fortune, begin to be reflected in the aisles of big boxes like Home Depot and Lowe’s. So DIYers along with homebuilders are due for some price relief.”



American workers quitting jobs at highest rate in last two decades

  • “The wave of resignations marks a sharp turn from the darkest days of the pandemic, when many workers craved job security while weathering a national health and economic crisis,”
  • Several factors are driving the job turnover. Many people are spurning a return to business as usual, preferring the flexibility of remote work or reluctant to be in an office before the virus is vanquished, it said.

Why I’m Not Worried U.S. Household Debt Is At Record Highs

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$100 invested in Berkshire Hathaway in 1959 would be worth $26.2 million today.


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About 1,800 cars have been destroyed in the films of the Fast & Furious franchise, not including the ninth installment, F9, which hits theaters today. Fun fact: Insurance companies use movies like the F&F series to train actuaries on how to calculate loss, per Screen Rant.