Quick Hits – New Baby:: New Product:: New Market

Welcome to the world August!

Sorry for the delay in the Quick Hits!  I was at home these last two weeks welcoming our newborn son August and wrangling my other two sons/cats/crazy toddlers (my wife has way more patience than me).

Is the world still a mess?

I hope you all are still grinding, staying strong and becoming better business owners through all of this!

Here are a few “Quick Hits” to check out and use this week:

  • AE launched a new exclusive product with Symetra
    • A Rated Carrier. Comdex = 80
    • Where does this fit?
      • Competitive guaranteed income, especially the first 5 years of deferral, with 7% rollup and high payout factors.
      • Rider Charge Waiver – Any year where the interest credited is more than 5%, the rider charge is refunded to the client’s Contract Value – this can mean significant value to their account over 10-20+ years of taking income.  We can do side-side analysis on this if you’d like to compare other riders.
    • Flexibility – GLWB can be terminated after 5 years
    • Comp = 7% through 75
Image preview
Image preview
  •  “When you compare today’s yields with annual returns of the past, things look pretty bleak today across the various maturities.”

Today I’m thankful we deal with numbers, charts and retirees, and praying for those whose jobs take a lot more courage to walk into work every day.

Keep on changing lives!