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Everyone knows the “Power of Associations” –


Do you control your associations?

Here are your Quick Hits:

6 Reasons Clients Fire Advisors

  • Love a good “this is why people don’t like you” article.
  • “Communication issues are a common reason for switching advisors, research shows.
  • Returns are generally not the primary factor behind a decision to make a change.
  • Don’t assume your clients understand everything that’s being discussed.”

7 Signs Your Advisor is Doing Real Financial Planning

  • This is a great subliminal piece to print out and have on your coffee table in your waiting room. 😊
  • But…before you do, make sure you are covering the 7 items in your planning.
  • “Rough drafts of financial projections, constructed with incomplete information and estimates, are a far cry from comprehensive plans.”
  • “Luckily, the industry is slowly moving in the right direction. Demand for quality financial planning grows as clients retire earlier, live longer, save and invest more, and need comprehensive advice.”

New Podcast I’m diving into – Learning Leader with Ryan Hawk

Moon Landings – Visual

  • I know this has NOTHING to do with our industry or financial planning in general, but I thought it was cool and interesting – soooo here you go.