Quick Hits: Buffett Concern | 1.2M Whoopsy | Phone Scripts

Markets up, Vaccines up, states are opening up, live events are up! …feels good to be on the up and up am I right?!

What’s next?

The one thing we can be positive of is taxes are going to be up too. Now is the time to market and help your clients prepare for the future!

Today’s hits are great pieces to use on your radio and TV shows, podcasts, send to prospects and clients, and use to help you stay relevant and be the thought expert in-the-know!

Here are your Quick Hits:

Buffett Indicator at All-Time Highs: A Cause for Concern?


Billionaires say “Peace Out” to NY as they raise taxes

  • “Moving to Florida is an active and serious conversation with my peers,” a media executive told CNBC. “If my kids weren’t here I would move tomorrow.”
  • New York’s top business leaders are gearing up for a potential mass exodus as Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers prepare to raise their taxes.
  • You raise taxes on people that have money to go anywhere in the world…and they leave? Who would’ve thought?


WHOOPS! Schwab accidently put $1.2 million into Woman’s Fidelity Account

  • Schwab blamed an “issue created by a software enhancement” for erroneously transferring $1.2 million in February to the Fidelity account of Kelvyn Spadoni, rather than the $82.56 she had requested
  • When the company realized the mistake and attempted to take the money back, it was gone and Spadoni wasn’t answering her phone.


How Wealthy Clients Can Plan For Federal Tax Hikes

  • “Taxpayers with income exceeding $400,000 need to watch for potential tax changes later this year, as Democratic federal lawmakers maintain that taxing the wealthy more would raise trillions in revenue and narrow income inequality.”
  • “While I think the capital gains tax increase will be a difficult provision to get through Congress, some clients will face seven- and eight-figure differences selling in 2021 versus in 2022.”

Scripts on scripts on scripts – Sales Edge

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  • We add a new training every week and have added even more scripts and tools to use since we launched weeks ago.