Passion Marketing

Big shout out to Cody Foster’s Recent podcast episode with his recent guest Jay baer!

Definitely give it a listen if you haven’t already, tons of great nuggets to implement today.

Here are a few that I took away:

  • Always respond to customer feedback, both positive and negative, as it provides valuable market research and shows that you care about your business; Oatley effectively handled complaints by addressing them on a dedicated website, and brands should respond with humanity and leverage positive reviews to create word-of-mouth potential.
  • Prioritize time and never rule out anything, as speed is now as important as price for customers; trust and empower your team for success; read “Procrastinate on Purpose” for time management; stay level-headed through success and failure; stay connected with Jay Baer through his website, research, upcoming book, and social media accounts.
  • The future of marketing is about creating unique and shareable experiences that offer access, specialness, and uniqueness, while small business owners should focus on mastering their current strategies before adopting new ones.