All Time Low Sentiment

Consumer Sentiment is at one of the lowest points it’s ever been since they started tracking it in the 70s.  

Here is an advisors perspective article to explain a little more.

What does that mean to you and your marketing?

In my opinion, what I’m seeing is people are in the “Freeze” mode. They don’t want an advisor to come along and offer a plan for the future. That is secondary to their needs now. They want to know what to do TODAY!

They are asking: What are you Mr. or Mrs. Advisor going to do this month to help me get back to where I was and back into a plan?

Action items to think about: start talking about suggestions in your marketing on action items prospects  can be taking right now in this environment. Give them FREE Value to act on right now. They want answers…then they want a plan.

If your answers help now, they’ll trust you for the plan.