Quick Hits Coronavirus // Webinars // Analogies

I hope you are all healthy and staying mentally strong as you work from home or in isolation. Since I’m sure you all are sick of reading the news and articles, I’m going to focus this week’s quick hits on resources and value you all can use right now.

Here are your Quick Hits:

  • AE Coronavirus Resources
    • If you haven’t spent time here I URGE you to check it out!
    • The last video that Cody recorded is FULL of ideas and opportunities to be looking into during this time.
    • There are 3 different advisor interviews with Advisors who are crushing it right now virtually.
    • There are also 2 Fully scripted Seminar Presentations you can use inside of a webinar!
  •  Best Webinar Practices for Financial Advisors
    • As most of you know Don Anders has been our go-to resource for doing digital marketing over this past year and this webinar has been extremely timely for right now.
  • Market Corrections Phone Script
    • This gives your clients/prospect options instead of telling them to stick with the plan
    • Helps you stand out from the sea of sameness out there right now
  • Boring Client Portfolio Analogy
    • This has been a solid analogy shared with me that a few advisors use in their seminars and client newsletters
    • I’m sure a lot of your clients are thankful for their “Boring” portfolios right now!

Thank you for being the heroes of retirement planning today!