Quick Hits: Uncertainty Kills | Best of The Best | 8 Myths

With the S&P down %7+ YTD, it’s more proof of the saying “Markets Hate Uncertainty.” The markets don’t care if things are good or bad. If they are bad, at least we know things are bad and certain business will do well to uphold the markets.

Case in point: we’ve had a nice run through the pandemic with the S&P up over 100% from the lowest point in 2020 to it’s highest point in 2021. Sure, there are a ton of factors, but from the outside looking in, things LOOKED bad, but the markets went up. Why? The markets knew things were certain and certain businesses kept the markets moving forward.

Now, I’m seeing a lot of articles with words like “post-pandemic” and “uncertainty” and we sit in a correction style market that is very close to a bear market. Yet, from the outside looking in…things are LOOKING a lot better than during the pandemic.

All that to say, it’s even more a reason why retirees need your help!

They need a plan for certain markets and uncertain markets.


Here are your Quick Hits


U.S. Inflation Rate Accelerates to a 40-Year High of 7.5%

  • “High inflation is the dark side of the unusually strong economy that has been powered in part by government stimulus to counter the pandemic’s impact. January’s continued acceleration increased the likelihood that Federal Reserve officials could speed up a series of interest-rate increases this spring to ease surging prices and cool the economy.”

After the Fact – Morgan Housel

  • Great article with an analogy of comparing eating and exercise habits to saving and investing.
  • “The typical American family is earning more than ever before. But for many it probably doesn’t feel like that – at least as much as it should – because all of the income gains and then some have been offset with higher spending.”
  • 3 Points stick out:
    • “Wealth is what you don’t spend”
    • “Money is often a negative art. What you don’t do can be more important than what you actively do.”
    • “Everything has a price, and prices aren’t always clear.”

Best of the Best Business of Advice Podcasts

  • Cody put together the best insights by category from the first year of his Business of Advice Podcast. There is a ton of great value in these episodes!
    • Best of Leadership
    • Best of Culture
    • Best of Business Ideas

8 Of The Biggest Investing Myths

  • Simple points here, but all so powerful.
  • My favorite one that is not said often is : Myth #4: A higher yield makes for a safer investment.

The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team

  • With most of our advisors spending more and more time leading their team, I am including more leadership articles and tools into the quick hits – I hope you don’t mind 😊
  • “From first-level leaders to those in the executive suites, the role of a leader has always been tough – and today’s realities make it even tougher. People skills typically account for 80 percent of success in this role. Yet many people are promoted into leadership because of their technical capabilities, without mastering the skills of managing and motivating others. Without these basic skills, leaders at every level can struggle with leading teams in today’s workplace.”

16 ways to promote your YouTube channel for more views

  • YouTube seems to be the next buzzing marketing funnel and these tips hit at the right time.


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