Quick Hits: SEC Changes! | Biden $1.9T | Zoom Exhaust

Goooooooood Mooorning Advisors!

Feels like 2020 didn’t watch its step going into 2021. We are stumbling but we are moving forward!

·         President is impeached…again.

·         Biden released his $1.9 TRILLION plan…I think we are all wondering where that money is coming from.

·         And still the stock market is UP YTD.

People need you now more than ever!

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Here are your Quick Hits this week:

SEC Advertising Changes: What you need to know!

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Harvard Business Review: How to Lead When Your Team Is Exhausted

·         It goes by different names: “pandemic fatigue,” “mental fog,” “work/life blur,” “extended vacuum,” and an “endless wait,” just to mention a few phrases I have heard leaders use.

·         Compared to the adrenaline-fueled response in the spring and the false dawn about the recovery over the summer, the second wave requires a new understanding of personal resilience.

·         Managing your own mind and deciding to take charge of your destiny (and helping others do the same) is where you find mental strength for the last mile.

How Capitalism Saved Christmas – WSJ

Kiplinger: 5 Ways to Track Your Budget in the years Before You Retire