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A Pro Annuity article in Rolling Stone?!

Charts on Charts


Investors Emerge From COVID with Outsized Investment Return Expectations

  • American investors’ long-term investment return expectations rose to 17.5% above inflation, far exceeding pre-pandemic levels and historical averages, and 161% more than what financial advisors say is realistic.
  • Not only have post-COVID-19 return expectations soared, so has the gap between investors’ long-term return expectations (17.5%) and the 6.7% average annual returns US financial advisors believe is realistic.2 This difference represents a 161% gap between investor and advisor expectations, up from a gap of 73% in 2019, when investors anticipated 10.9% returns above inflation.


Median Sales Prices of New Houses Sold in United States

Americans are more confident than Britons that they could beat any animal in a fight



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“If you can’t reduce your argument to a few crisp words and phrases, there’s something wrong with your argument.”

– Maurice Saatchi