Quick Hits: Retiring Early | Visual Emails | Letting Go

To the hardest working advisors in the nation,
Hope you enjoyed the shorter week, and your events calendar is starting to fill up.
Feel like summer yet?
Don’t retire too early – there is still a lot of work to do!
Here are your Quick Hits:
Articles to Make You Better Business Owner:
  • “The kind of questions leaders need to ask are those that invite people to come together to explore major new opportunities that your organization hasn’t identified yet.”
  • Example Questions:
  • How could we leverage the resources of third parties to address a broader range of the needs of our customers?
  • How can we move from standardized, mass-market products and services to personalizing our products and services to the specific needs of each customer?
  • Considering the deluge of content people are bombarded with and the number of emails they receive in a day, you need to make a conscious effort to make your newsletters stand out.
  • “Virtually all our new managers struggle with delegation. Intuitively, this makes sense; before becoming a manger, an employee works as an individual contributor and is rewarded for being a reliable, trustworthy and productive member of a team.”
  • “One of the definitions of a great leader is someone who inspires and empowers others to do their best work, which requires knowing when to delegate and how to do it well.”
  • Ever wonder what to put at the end of your emails or sales letters? Spend the 5 minutes to read this article!
  • “Social proof, no matter how small, goes a long way into making your CTAs work. In a world where everyone claims to be the best, social proof helps your audience see that you’re not the one tooting your horn.”
Chart of the Week:
Quote of the Week:
“When you delegate tasks, you create followers. When you delegate authority, you create leaders.” – Craig Groeschel