Quick Hits – Objections :: Party Like it’s 1999 :: Tesla vs Walmart

New Highs!

Market new highs and at the same time missing rent and mortgage payments is at new highs too.


We have a window…now until the election to put the gains back in our pockets. If your clients/prospects rode to the bottom and back to the top without taking money out, now is the time.

There was a shot fired overhead…a warning shot. You survived.  Time to get back inside of safety!

Here are your Quick Hits:

Overcome Objections! – AE Advisor Power Phrases

o   We put this resource together from AE Advisors to AE Advisors on overcoming objections and power phrases to use in your sales process.

o   A few of my favorites:

§  You can sit back and wait on the election … or you can elect to take control of your financial future.

§  You can have a broker … or you can have a guide.

§  Everyone wants to know, “Should I stay the course or go to cash?” … and you’re just thinking about it wrong. That’s like asking if you should live in Antarctica or Death Valley. Neither are that pleasant, and either one of ’em can get you killed.

Are we in for another “Tech Bubble Crash?”

The Four Phases on Investing and saving for retirement

o   “The caveat to the traditional view on accumulating for retirement is that in reality, an individual’s income, spending, and ability to save vary greatly throughout life.”

o   “as the portfolio grows, paying attention to how it’s invested begins to matter, a lot.”

Time to Rethink the “40” in 60/40 portfolios

o   “With yields at historic lows, we’re forced to choose between accepting lower income or expanding into higher risk asset classes. We need to work together to change the definition of the 40 in the 60/40 split. So what do we do?”

NASDAQ Article: How Annuities can Protect Lifetime Income and Mitigate Retirement Risk

o   71% of respondents said they would need to replace at least 50% of their income in retirement. Of that number, 39% said they will need to replace more than 75% of their current income.

o   Index annuity: Interest is tied to performance of a stock market index (such as the Nasdaq-100). Even if the market declines, principal will be protected. This option can open the door to higher growth

The Market is back to new highs, but almost 1/3rd of American’s missed their rent and mortgages in July!

o   “Among renters alone, just over one-third (34%) said during the waning days of July that they had little to no confidence that they could make their August rent payment”

Tesla is now worth MORE than Walmart!

o   It was the first time the automaker’s stock crossed the $2,000-per-share threshold.

o   The rally pushed Tesla’s market capitalization to nearly $372 billion, surpassing the market value of Walmart, worth about $371 billion

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry