Quick Hits: Motivational Hits!

Here are your (Motivational) Quick Hits:

Failure doesn’t Exist – Brett Ledbetter on Kobe Bryant

  • This is a great video outlining an interview with Kobe Bryant and how he views failure and ultimately Growth over outcomes
  • Solid video to share with your teams for some motivation going into next year

FORBES Article: The Ultimate Goal Is To Be Better Today Than Yesterday

  • “Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself.” –Bill Gates
  • “It’s about achieving YOUR best, ranked solely against yourself and your own past performance and your own future potential.”

What will your verse be?

  • One of my all time favorite scenes from any movie!
  • Great speech from Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society
  • If you want more from the movie, here is the Carpe Diem speech too!

The 4 Factors That Fuel Momentum

  • A lot of you have had record massive years – it’s difficult but key to keep your momentum going!
  • The is a great episode from one of my favorite podcasts
  • Make sure to download the leader guide too!