Quick Hits: Good Rules | Annuities are Good | Good Companies

We have rules for everything in our lives, why don’t we have personal rules?

You can lead better, bring on more clients, and build your business with personal rules that you are disciplined to.


  • You don’t do client/prospect meetings on Monday’s or Friday’s
  • You have open office hours and focus hours
  • You don’t do 1on1 lunches you only do meetings on the calendar
  • You do one conference a year outside your industry.
  • You only have 3 “rocks” per quarter you are working on

Having rules helps you in all areas of your life, write a few down and stick with them!

Here are your Quick Hits:

The New Magic Number for Retirement Is $1.46 Million.

  • Here is a click bait style article to help get some engagement in your next email newsletter. 😊. It has some good value on the back end at least.
  • “The stock market gave 401(k)s a 19% boost last year. Inflation cooled. Still, lots of people feel no closer to hitting their magic number for retirement.”
  • “Retirees with little financial background have to figure out how to make their nest eggs last for as long as several decades, a task BlackRock Chief Executive Larry Fink called “an impossible math problem”

Why Annuities Belong In Clients’ Retirement Income Plans

  • Great piece that makes a terrific case to place annuities in retirees financial plans.
  • My only beef with it is that it doesn’t talk about FIAs, sounds like the writer is a little biased towards the other kinds. 
  • “Retirement Income Planning Is Not For DIYers. According to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, nearly half of U.S. households won’t be able to sustain their living standards in retirement. While low-income households were at the highest risk, so were 41% of high-income households.”

How times have changed!