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Is it Monday?

Working from home has got me a little sideways on my internal clock.

Speaking of “Sideways” – everyone is having to pivot and change in this environment to new ways of prospecting and marketing. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel or feel like you must “Figure it out yourself” – book some time on my calendar and let’s talk through some solid directions to market.  

Here are a few quick hits to check out this week:

  • Top AE Office Webinar and drip system
    • Wanting to know what other advisors are doing for webinars or what they are saying in their email marketing? – subscribe and attend their webinars.
    • If you are blanking on other advisors to look up – email me and I’ll send some your way
  • Webinar Presentation Checklist
    • Focus on Important keys to Help Your Production
    • Look through these 6 ESSENTIAL steps you should take to be COMFORTABLE connecting with prospective clients.
  • 3 Things to do in a Market Downturn
    • If you’d like to send this customized piece out to your prospects and clients – contact your Creative account manager NOW!
    • People are looking for help – stay in front of them in all areas (email, calls, texts, and mail)

As always, your team is here to help!

– Cory

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