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Does anyone feel that? …things seem to be changing…Do I see a glimpse of light?

Ah yes! It’s Normalcy!

Can you feel it? It’s not all there…not even close, but this is the first time in 6 months that I’ve even felt its presence.

Business is picking up. Appointments are picking up … In-person marketing is working again!

Retirees are starting to see the “Window of opportunity” they have now to take action before there is another drop in the market!

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  • Turn-key Marketing Kits
  • Webinar Marketing Tips
  • Lead Magnets
  • Niche Marketing Lead Funnels

Dinner Seminar Mailing Numbers (6/1/20 – 8/27/20)

  • East Coast (Virginia and North, west to PA. : .98%
  • New England: .6%
  • Midwest: .6%
  • Southeast LA, to Georgia: 1%
  • Mountain States CO, UT: .51%
  • Northwest Oregon, Washington, ID: .5%
  • National Average: .78%

IN-Person Success Stories

  • Ryan (UT) – “Seminars weren’t the highest numbers we’ve ever seen, but the people that did show up were the perfect candidates!”
  •  Jay (VA) – Last 2 seminars had 100% closing each night “Fantastic Serious Candidates”
  • Roger – Seminars are only 60% capacity, but we are averaging 80% closing rate the last 2 months

Sequence of Returns Brochure – Prudential

Great chart to illustrate the impact of WHEN the client retires!

DISCONNECT between Consumers and the Stock Market

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