Quick hits: DOL Ruling Movement | Trick Shot Economy | Where Inflation has hit hardest

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Here are your Quick Hits:

Final DOL Rule Draws Near As OMB Completes Review

  • Big movement in the DOL Ruling. I’d give this one a read today.
  • “quick approval means the rule would be subject to the review of the current Congress, eliminating the risk that a Republican controlled Congress could overturn the rule next year.”
  • “Once the final Retirement Security Rule is published, like the 2016 version expect a flood of lawsuits filed immediately by industry opponents to overturn it. They could also use the legislative process this year, but a CRA resolution would have little chance of surviving a Biden veto.”
  • “With the completion of OMB’s review, the next step would be for DOL to announce the final rule,”

Trick shot economy

  • My favorite (and my kids) Youtube stars Dude Perfect just scored a $100M investment!
  • “The 5 friends, who started the channel in college back in 2009, are planning to pump the nine-figure investment from private equity firm Highmount Capital into boosting their content output, creating more live experiences, and furthering their foray into consumer products,”
  • “As the audiences of online megastars grow from millions to tens of millions, investors seem increasingly open to injecting cash into projects by content creators from YouTube, TikTok, and other social platforms — capital that used to be reserved for more traditional media.”

Where U.S. Inflation Hit the Hardest in March 2024