Quick Hits: Destructive Advisors | 2024 Skittles Chart | Top Countries to Retire in

Don’t hire that advisor JUST YET…

Here are your Quick Hits:

Friday Forward – Gluttony and Starvation

  • With a lot of you having your best year ever, I thought this article was super timely.
  • We might be tempted to use our growth to expand into other marketing funnels or new business lines, but let’s be smart not to over extend or add complexity to our businesses.
  • “These expansions add complexity to the businesses, and they’re often made without leadership knowing whether they really meet a customer need or if they can be delivered profitably.”

Interactive Asset Return Map

  • I love a good “skittles” chart AKA Asset Allocation Quilt AKA Asset return map

This one is from Black rock and it is interactive as you hover over the squares

The No. 1 challenge Fortune 500 execs say they’re facing with employees right now

  • “In September, the Australian software company asked 100 Fortune 500 and 100 Fortune 1000 executives what their biggest organizational challenge is, and nearly half (43%) said low productivity.”
  • “What’s driving the decline in employee productivity?”
  • “encouraging employees to spend about 30-40% of their week in “focus time,” which the company defines as uninterrupted time spent on work that requires deep thinking, helps boost productivity.”

What are the best countries for retirement?

  • My competitive nature says this is FALSE, but can’t argue numbers I guess.