Quick Hits: Twighlight Zone | Big Announcement | Best S&P Month

Welcome back to the twilight zone folks…

S&P just hit it’s best November on Record! Say what?!

Pandemic, highest COVID rates we’ve seen, huge unemployment, mortgage delinquency rates are spiking, but hey Tesla is joining the S&P!

A couple of these articles this week are a little more “doom and gloom” but I believe they speak the truth. What your clients need to hear in a world of this noise!

I am absolutely STOKED about some of the items AE is putting in place to make 2021 an incredible year for you all!

Not much I’m able to say right now, but the announcements you’ll see in the next few weeks and into early 2021 will get you excited to crush 2021!

Why Advisors Must Tailor Client Talks on Annuities, Longevity in the Pandemic

·         “Annuities are insurance against longevity, and that is an uncertainty that’s greater now,” says the retirement income expert.

·         “Milevsky sees greater value in annuities today more than ever: As the coronavirus reduces life expectancy, the products’ utility value has increased, since longevity risk has gone up.”

S&P Best November on record!!

·         Still feels like a twilight zone.

·         I’ve heard a few explanations on why, but it all still doesn’t make sense to me.

WSJ – COVID is shrinking the Labor Market, Pushing out Women and Baby Boomers

·         Nearly 4 Million Americans have stopped working or looking for jobs

·         “The supply of workers and their productivity are the building blocks of economic growth. A smaller labor force leaves fewer workers to build machines and clean tables, restraining the economy’s long-term prospects.”

State, local governments need billions more in aid to avert 4 million layoffs, Moody’s finds

·         “Even with additional federal aid, states are still looking at significant spending cuts,”

·         “In Maryland, budget officials have filled in fiscal 2020’s $1 billion budget hole with relatively modest cuts, federal aid and borrowing from the upcoming year.”

Running Total of All Employees, Nonfarm

New App an Elite Advisor Recommended – NUCALM

·         He said he feels more refreshed to make bigger/better decisions now. Doesn’t have nearly as many highs or lows throughout the week. Has invested so that most of his team is on it now. A lot of major sports franchises are using this now.

·         Has changed his outlook on how he lives each day. Lives out of a place of gratitude first.

Keep up the momentum and finish the year strong!