Off the Wall
with Cory Swain

Cory Swain

Vice President of Advisor Development

I coach advisors how to step into a CEO role in their business. I love seeing the advisors we work with put our methods into practice and reach goals they’ve never reached before. Leading a team that’s focused on building advisors up – that never gets old.

Surfing. I live in Kansas, but I grew up in Florida. 30 minutes wouldn’t be enough time for me to even get started on the subject. I could talk about it for days.

“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey. Pyrotechnics, big hair, lasers…it would be epic.

My wife, Hannah, and I have three crazy boys. My hobbies consist of wrestling, good guys-bad guys and I moonlight as a nurse. I can clean up a scraped knee in no time.

Probably a video that went viral after I tried to do something while saying, “Look what I can do!” A few broken bones would be worth the trip to all the late night shows, though.

We’d let the experts do it at Chipotle and have it delivered. Or Chick-Fil-A. I’m a big fan. Fun fact: I’ve received over 156 free meals from new openings in their “First 100” program.

It’s not the “best” advice, but it’s the advice I’ve heard over and over: “When you’re dumb, you’ve got to be tough.” I would get hurt as a kid trying to do dumb things or breaking the rules. It gave me grit. When you make a dumb decision, you need to rise up and own it. Don’t blame anyone else; be tough and move on.

I love Pirates. You know, the ones that “argh” and “savvy” and took over the Caribbean during the 1700s. Advisors Excel producers are all pirates. If you’ve ever taken a strategy that someone was using and you started to reach your goals with it – congratulations, you’re a pirate! It’s a pirate’s life for me.