Off the Wall
with Chelsea Lenherr


Chelsea Lenherr, MBA

Sales Executive

I had no idea, so I had to solicit some help from my mom on this question. Apparently I had a wide array of career choices as a 10-year-old. They varied from a Disney princess, to a pet store owner, to a professional hopscotcher, to a veterinarian. Turns out, none of those career options actually worked out for me, but I’m not giving up on the Disney princess dream.

I would say Zooey Deschanel. She is hilarious and quirky and doesn’t take life too seriously. I love her role in ”New Girl” and can totally imagine myself in her shoes more often than not

My college soccer coach always used to say “Control the Controllables” – and I try to live by that daily. There are always external factors that will stress me out or affect my mood, but when I remember I can only control the controllables, it brings me back to my center.

My undergrad is absolutely not reflective of my potential. It’s reflective of a college athlete that had some fun, skipped some classes and didn’t study for some tests. But I graduated AND with a double major! My Masters GPA is more in alignment with my true potential.

I would choose to have dinner with my dad’s mom. She died of cancer when my dad was 15 so I never had a chance to meet her. I was given my middle name because of her. I think it’s always been hard for my dad and grandpa to talk about her, so I feel like there is so much I’d like to ask her.

Accomplishing my dream of becoming a D1 college athlete. From the time I was five years old and started playing soccer, I wanted to play in college and I worked hard to achieve that goal. Some of my best memories involve college soccer. Whether it be the games (upsets or heartbreaks), the bus trips, the team dinners, lifelong friendships that were made or the work ethic that was instilled in me because of playing in college, I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

My kitchen, on Sundays, after church. It’s a family effort to make the meal and I love sitting down eating pancakes and hash browns and bacon (my favorite food!) with my favorite people.

Although I was a D1 college athlete, I have never beat my dad in the 40 yard dash; and I would say I am (or at least was) pretty fast. It’s not something I’m exactly proud of, more like amazed. In 50 yards, I have him beat, but not 40. I challenge him once a year and I will until I beat him, even if it’s when he is 80.